O zone

O zone
O zone is sophisticated, contemporary, fashionable.

It exudes a confidence that takes you to the cutting edge, but doesn’t cross it. O zone pulsates with an excitement more reminiscent of L.A. or N.Y. than Northern Michigan. After one of Petoskey’s “Million Dollar Sunsets” this is where the heat rises.

O zone features "Party Pods" that are each equipped with seating for 8, a personal fireplace, and 2 private plasma screens. The dance floor of O zone is a high-tech, high-energy explosion of sight and sound that verberates with excitement.
O zone. The place where your night comes alive.

See what excitement we have lined up for next week.
O zone

Hours Of Operation
Wednesday - Sunday
Open at 7pm

Odawa Casino Resort; Call us at 1-877-442-6464